What You Should Know Before Pressure Washing Your House

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What You Should Know Before Pressure Washing Your House

What You Should Know Before Pressure Washing Your House

There are videos up all over the internet about how satisfying and rewarding pressure washing can be. Just watching the work done in painstaking detail can be enough to motivate you to check what all on your property could benefit from pressure washing. It seems that even the toughest grime wipes away and the higher the jet, the greater the results. So now, maybe you’re thinking about the exterior of your home and where there is mold or stains growing up the sides. Pressure washing would probably get all of that in a matter of minutes and be fun to watch, too! Right?

How Pressure Washing Works

The premise behind pressure washing is that a jet of water shoots out of a nozzle and sprays anything in its way. You can easily adjust the strength of the water, ranging from low pressure to incredibly high. While this can be an excellent method for cleaning up old lawn furniture, especially the grungy plastic pieces you might have picked up second hand at a yard sale, what you should be aware of is just how intense the spray can be. In inexperienced hands, pressure washing could easily cause more harm than good to the exterior of your home.

It doesn’t even matter what needs cleaned, really. Some items just make sense to be avoided. For example, anything that houses electricity, such as a meter box, should never come in contact with water. Loose panels which could be blasted away with an overpowered burst of water should also be handled with caution. It should also go without saying that anything alive, including plants, animals, and humans, should never be washed with a pressure washer no matter how badly they appear to need cleaned.

Advantages to Pressure Washing Your Home

It isn’t to say you should never use jets to make your house more aesthetic. Whether it is covered in sap or mildew, pressure washing these unsightly contaminants can help grant you peace of mind. Though of course, you should be mindful of accidentally destroying your exterior with an overzealous jet spray, such as pulling up old mortar or loose shingles, there are too many benefits to pressure washing your home. While it may seem like a useful investment to get a pressure extension for your projects, until you know exactly what you should be aware of, it may be a good idea to leave the task to professionals.

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