Sealed Pavers Last Longer

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Sealed Pavers Last Longer

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Pavers are a popular choice of materials used in outdoor walkways and driveways. If you have just installed pavers in your sidewalk, patio, or other outdoor spaces of your business or home, it is important to have them properly cared for and sealed.

Many outdoor installations that use pavers may also include brick, concrete, ceramic tile, and types of natural stones. Any of these paver materials, as well as the myriad of other types of pavers, require proper maintenance and care that includes sealing to keep the pavers looking their best for a long time. 

Paver Sealants 

Paver sealants help protect the surface of pavers, making the removal of dirt and debris from them much easier. These sealants are also beneficial in preventing substances such as oil, grease, bird droppings and tree berries from staining the pavers, leading to discoloration. Unsealed pavers can soak up these stains, especially in driveways where cars are parked for extended periods of time.

Sealing pavers also fights against the signs of aging that can happen as a result of fading due to the UV rays of sunlight. These damaging rays of the sun can cause pavers to change colors and crack, leaving you with few options but for resurfacing the entire area, which can be quite a costly hassle.

While the sealants may not be able to keep all of the damaging light rays at bay, they are effective in slowing down the visible effects, giving you a longer lifespan for your paved area. Adding to the lifespan as well is the sealants ability to prevent the growth of moss, weeds, and grass in between each individual paver. This helps keep the pavers securely in place, as the growth of plant matter can cause pavers to loosen and become cracked.

Restoring Old Pavers 

New pavers are not the only ones that need to be sealed, if you have older pavers, these can also benefit from a fresh coat of sealant. While the process of sealing these older pavers is similar to that of the new pavers, there are a few extra steps that need to be taken to make sure your sealant adheres properly.

Depending on the age, amount of staining, and overall appearance of the older pavers, the type of pre-staining preparation should at least include cleaning, weeding, and repair of any broken pieces. Fortunately, there are companies that professionally clean and seal pavers, making it easier and more cost-effective for the homeowner.

PBC Pressure Cleaning can pressure wash your pavers and outdoor spaces, new or established, and administer sealant that will protect them from harmful elements for years to come.